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Everything You Wanted to Know About Shipping Container Homes



What are Shipping Containers?

Think “outside the box” when it comes to “in the box” shipping container homes. You, like most people, are familiar with the sight of rectangular shipping containers used to move freight internationally by ship. The container is then delivered by truck to the destinations of commercial customers. Container ships dominate international commerce shipping and the delivery system has become universal. But, recently a new innovative use has been created for them: container homes. 

Shipping Containers are Sturdy

The rectangular shape of these modular structures lends itself to a limitless variety of floor plans. First, of all, shipping containers are very sturdy. Second, they can withstand the elements. And, containers can be easily loaded and moved. Any combination of floor plans can be used by merely putting together several shipping containers. Likewise, the containers are sturdy enough to be stacked. 

Container homes can also be built in a community setting of like-minded owners or as a stand-alone home site. The interiors can be designed to accommodate artists’ lofts with separate living spaces. Or maybe a home office. Using space-saving ideas in the bedroom and kitchen will give you more room if your home was built with one container.

Who Builds Shipping Container Homes?

There are many answers to this question. The low cost has made the container home especially attractive to people of all ages. Many people who desire to own and design their own living space. Those who have come up with their own shipping container homes ideas. And, people who can work alone with building contractors or collaborate with an architect. Make contact with those who specialize in this format. There are some unique personal spaces flourishing in many places. 

Save Money Using Repurposed Materials 

Shipping containers can be an affordable alternative living space. Especially if you live on the coast. Also, transporting containers is easy by a tractor-trailer. Containers come in several standard sizes which makes building easy and saves time. You can spend time on designing the interior. One that reflects the ideas, career goals, and purposes of the owner. Artists and professionals are able to put these homes into immediate use. Instead of a generic appearance, the individual design can demonstrate what makes the home and its owner unique. You save money with low-cost building materials. Most of all, recycled materials save money as well.

Shipping Container Home Interior Ideas

Shipping container home ideas are endless. Especially when utilizing a large inventory of excess containers. A huge inventory makes shipping containers readily available to use for creative, earth-friendly with affordable container home designs.

The Internet is a great place to get some decoration ideas for the home. As well as, modern bathroom ideas to keep the flow going with the container home design. And of course, you will want to check out some modern galley kitchen ideas. Design your shipping container with your personality in mind. Create the shipping container home floor plan to match your lifestyle.

Green Container Homes

You can save electricity with green technology. Be sure to incorporate them into your container home design ideas. Earth-conscious persons seek to reuse existing materials into structures and homes. This, in turn, will leave a minimal footprint. It reduces the volume of materials that cause damage to the environment.

Eco-minded persons are developing green container home solutions. It’s happening in a growing number of locations and communities. New concepts are being conceived in this environment. And are becoming an increasingly popular type of housing. Ideas and the practice of using shipping containers for houses are taking place around the globe.

In short, chances are great for finding useable shipping containers. Especially if you are currently living in a coastal region. Meanwhile, Do your due diligence before considering a shipping container home. Many plans and ideas are available online. Visit or email us at

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