How to Design a Modern Dream Container Home

Modern Dream Container Home

Do you have a dream home that you’d love to design? Well, many people around the United States are creating their own unique modern dream container home. You don’t necessarily need to spend excessive amounts of money to see your vision come to life. Many individuals and families have used shipping containers to design their homes with shipping containers for years.

Never thought that you could own an aesthetically appealing and functional home, made of something other than traditional materials? Read on to discover a world of opportunity, courtesy of the shipping industry and some visionary architects, designers, and DIYers.

Discarded Shipping Containers

If you’ve ever been to a commercial dock or depot, you’ve likely seen long, rectangular metal containers. Those are shipping containers, and they’re used to transport goods around the world. 

Not only are shipping containers sizable, but they’re also tremendously sturdy. However, after a certain period, shippers may decide to discard their old shipping containers and replenish the supply with new shipping containers. At that point, the old shipping containers could become scrap metal or end up cluttering landfills.

Or they could be used to construct a modern dream container home.

Steps to Take When Designing a Container Home

To build your own eco-friendly container home, you’ll need to first have some property. Find a suitable piece of real estate that is conducive to being the site of a home. You could even consider buying property in another state.

Next, start to think about the size of the home you need. Are you content with having a tiny home, maybe made by placing a couple of containers side-by-side? Or do you want to create a veritable palace of 3,000, 4,000, or even 8,000 square feet? Be bold, but realistic. Yes, you can have a shipping container home that’s out-of-this-world, but you still have to keep your budget in mind. 

Sketch out your ideas for a modular container home layout that you think would be appealing. Remember that shipping containers can be anchored together in practically endless ways, giving you the chance to completely personalize your modern home.

At this point, you can start looking for shipping containers for sale from trustworthy suppliers. Many places serve as third-party vendors, helping shipping entities sell unwanted containers and helping buyers find the right ones for their housing needs. You’ll probably be surprised at how affordable shipping containers are, especially if you buy several at a time.

DIY Container Home

Unless you’re going to build your eco-friendly container home solo, you’ll need a builder’s help. Many builders are happy to work on these types of unusual projects. Of course, if you do decide to take the DIY route, make sure you keep safety in mind and have all the equipment you need. You’ll definitely want to subcontract some of the work, such as tearing out shipping container “walls,” combining shipping containers seamlessly, installing electricity and plumbing, hooking up a sewer, and other must-dos that come with erecting any house.

Finally, figure out your landscaping. For instance, do you want a patio to extend from your container home? Would you like to install a pool or deck? Are you going to have a roof garden, making use of the flat shipping container top? The right landscape designs will boost the curb appeal of your property and emphasize the thoughtfulness that you put into designing and building your new home.

Is a Shipping Container Home the Right Choice for You?

If you’re still wondering if you should buy a shipping container home, why not Google a few images? You’ll know fairly soon if what you see fits with the lifestyle you envision for you and your family. Just remember that shipping containers are becoming a trendy solution for people who want to create eye-catching, greener homes. You can find out everything you wanted to know about container homes and more right here.

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