4 Important Steps to Consider When Buying a Modular Home

  • Buying A Modular Home

    The modular home building process and building system is a highly engineered method. Whether you are purchasing a modular home from a dealer representative’s lot or having one custom built. Buying a home is a major investment most people make at least once during their lifetime. Here are some important steps to consider when buying a modular home. This easily understood introduction will remove some of your questions or concerns about buying a modular home. Your “dream home” is closer than you think!

    Financing a Home

    First, find out what local lenders offer to finance modular home purchases. Because they are considered to be a stick-built homes and do not depreciate in value, financing options should be plentiful. In other words, financing should be an easy task. Do your homework and decide which would be the best way to go.

    Before starting the process of buying a modular home starts, do some investigating on the building process. Doing this will give you a better understanding when speaking with the dealership. Also, you should contact at least two or three modular home dealers in your local area. There are some restrictions on how far a modular home can be transported by the representative.

    Compare Modular Home Options

    Next, you will need to consider what modular home options are offered by several different manufacturers. Consider comparing each builder before choosing the style and look. Select the best one that fits your family’s needs and wants. And, always look for the best pricing and options before you purchase. 

    Any customization you desire should be completed before the building process starts. For example, if you plan to customize your new modular home kitchen, find out what’s trending in kitchen cabinet designs. If you are into living healthy, adding a fitness room to your modular home plan before building will save you time and money.

    Is Green Technology Available?

    Secondly, if you are considering purchasing a pre-existing home, ask if any green technology was used. Inspect the appliances for energy efficiency.

    A green modular home is different from the usual traditional construction. When you speak with a modular builder, ask how to “green your modular home.”  Opt for green technology when having a modular home built. Using green technology will cost a little more up-front but will save money in the long run. This will help ensure the greatest efficiency when it comes to saving energy. Plus, green building helps the environment.

    What Is Included in the Price of a Modular?

    Thirdly, you should find out what is included in the price. Sit down with the modular home dealer and go over the list of things. They should have a list of everything that is included in the price of your modular home.

    1. What is the set-up fee?
    2. Does the retailer provide the contractor for the foundation needed for the permanent placement of the modular home?
    3. Who pays for building permits?
    4. Are appliances included?
    5. Who is responsible for water and sewer hookup?

    The fourth and last thing to do is make a final decision. Take all options available into consideration. Unlike other types of construction, today’s modular systems are the model of efficiency and quality. After plans are approved, the process begins.

    Delivery of A Modular Home

    • Once the home is completed, your new modular home is scheduled for delivery. 
    • A tractor-trailer will be used to transport your modular home to the home site.
    • Some finishing touches will have to be done by the contractor such as the utilities, water, sewer, flooring, porch, steps, garage if included, etc. These things and others usually take around 4 weeks to complete.
    •  A final inspection will be done and your new modular home is finished. 
    • By this time you’ve probably packed your bags, hired a moving van, waved goodbye to friends and neighbors……what’s left? Just move in when your new modular home arrives.

    Now it’s time to invite your new neighbors over for some delicious BBQ ribs on the grill and celebrate!

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