Eco-Friendly Container Homes Are a Great Alternative to Stick Built

  • Eco-Friendly Container Homes

    Have you seen what they are doing with shipping container homes these days? Some people don’t even know that modern homes are being created using reusable containers. Shipping containers or “sea containers” that are used to ship products across the world are fast becoming one of the most recycled steel products. Containers repurposed are considered green and Eco-friendly. This is why building a container home is practical.

    There are several sizes available to use for shipping container homes. Also, there is a lot of information, video, and articles that will give you some guidelines on how to choose, how much you should pay, how to build and how to design the best modern container homes, etc. You can get some great ideas on how to plan the inside as well online.

    Container Homes Are Easy to Transport

    The first step is to decide on is how small or big you want it to be. Determine the square footage you need for the family. Be sure to add more if your family is still growing! Containers are very economical to purchase, usually starting around $3000 for a 20-foot container and a 40-foot long container for $3800 that are wind and watertight. Just be sure to check around your area for prices. Containers are also resistant to termites, mold, and fire because they are steel. Which is a good thing! You can convert your shipping container home at any location where the necessary tools and equipment are at hand and then have it transported to your desired location.

    Steel Containers

    Because steel shipping container homes conduct a lot of heat, they are great for the colder and more northern states and countries. If you are a hunter or fisherman, these steel containers make great retreats and lodges. Again, before selecting any cargo container, do your due diligence. Above all, there should be no spilled chemicals inside the container. Some have really nice wooden floors already installed just waiting for you to give them that final touch.

    Container home plans can be found almost anywhere online. And, you can actually use most home plans and make the necessary changes according to the size and design that you desire or that would work best for you.

    Overall, we hope this sparked some interest in shipping container homes as an alternative way to build.

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