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Simple and Inexpensive Small Patio Ideas for Your New Home

  • Make the Patio Come Alive

    So you have taken the plunge and purchased your very first new home. Congratulations! What a perfect time to make your new prefab the center of attention while entertaining family and friends. Even a small patio can accommodate your guests. All you need are some DIY simple and inexpensive small patio ideas to make this space come alive. And, it is so much fun planning for a lovely day of barbecuing some tasty ribs on the grill with family and friends. Play some croquet to catch up with some good conversation and have a fun time!

    Inexpensive Small Patio Ideas

    Use these inexpensive small patio ideas to make your next family and friends gathering a success.

    First of all, clean the area you plan to use from all unwanted clutter and debris first. Next, take an inventory of chairs and tables that will be needed.

    • An umbrella will provide much-needed shade if the weather is really hot.
    • Paver stones are great for small patio garden design ideas.
    • Potted plants add color and beauty. Especially if there are none planted around the patio.
    • Light some candles and lanterns if it’s an evening gathering
    • Add multiple strings of whimsical lights for fun and flair
    • Use free wooden pallets for an extended space or deck
    • Stacked pallets with cushions also make great seats

    These are just a few simple and inexpensive small patio ideas to consider when you decide to do some entertaining. Plus, you can do them without a lot of preparation. And, don’t forget to invite your new neighbors to the party! You know they want to check out your new home. Also, here are some delicious and easy party food ideas you can prepare ahead of time. If you have planted a veggie box, you could invite your guest to pick their favorite fresh vegetables from the garden to add to their meal. It also encourages the children to pick their own vegetables and instill some healthy eating habits.

    How to Find Free Items for Your Patio

    You can create a beautiful backyard space and give you a great sense of satisfaction. Small patio ideas don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Just neat, friendly, and tastefully done. Many items can be found for free online in your local classifieds. Discarded tables and chairs, bricks and stones, and even potted plants are there for anyone who is willing to pick them up.

    Call your best friend and set a time to go and check out those possibilities and have a great time!

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