4 Outstanding Advantages of Buying a Manufactured House

Advantages of Buying a Manufactured House

The cost of living is always increasing. That’s why buying a manufactured house has become an outstanding advantage to a standard-built home. The great news is, saving is easy. Own your dream manufactured home without spending all of your hard-earned savings. As of 2019 statistics show that the Manufactured housing industry trends and statistics show 22 million people in the U.S. live in a manufactured or mobile home. (

  1. Manufactured, modular, or prefab homes are less expensive than stick-built.
  2. Homes are built in a factory setting away from vandalism and weather conditions.
  3. To suit your needs, homes are customized.
  4. Manufactured homes are well designed and constructed

Buying a Manufactured House is More Affordable

The first advantage is that factory-built homes save you 10 to 20%  less than a site-built home.  This is a substantial saving in our current economy. Also, many skilled workers build on the home. This decreases the cost of building a. manufactured home. It’s almost like an assembly line. However, the price difference will depend on the added features that you request.

Safe From Vandalism and Weather

Because it’s manufactured in a factory setting, this is the second advantage. The company is able to protect the homes inside of the factory. Therefore, costs are cut due to vandalism and harsh weather. By using modular construction technology, commercial buildings can also be built.

Manufactured Housing Easily Customized

Thirdly, even though there is a basic factory layout, it is possible to have each and every home customized to suit your needs. You can customize manufactured housing through prefab and modular manufacturers. And the best part is that they walk you through the entire process. Every modern manufactured home can have its own look and interior design with upgrades of kitchen countertops, flooring, carpet, and many more options to choose from.

Well Constructed and Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes

Well constructed and energy-efficient manufactured homes take only a couple of days to set. The contractor will lay the foundation while the house is being manufactured. When your factory-built home arrives, workers will assemble the pieces. A crane will lower each piece into place. And, putting your new manufactured house together on-site can take only a couple of days. The full completion time will depend on the weather conditions and the installation of stairs, porches, gutters, etc.

The final steps only take a few short weeks. In other words, this means that you can choose your dream factory-built home and move in within a few months. Standard-built homes can take between six months to one year to build.

Obviously, you will make many decisions before your home arrives. In the meantime, start choosing the best colors for a traditional kitchen or brush up on some DIY home decorating ideas. Choose your paint colors, flooring, kitchen cabinets, or upgrades while customizing your home. 

How Does the Factory-Built Housing Process Work?

You will want to do your “due diligence” on how to build a manufactured house that fits your needs. You will have the ability to see:

  •     A pre-built manufactured home
  •     The layout of the home
  •      Possible floor plans
  •      Custom options available for your manufactured home

A licensed professional inspector monitors the home as it is being constructed and before the home leaves the factory,

You can care for your factory-built home just the same as you would any other home. Last but not least, once your manufactured house arrives, then the fun begins! 

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