4 Incredible Reasons to Build a Prefab Home

  • 4 Incredible Reasons to Build a Prefab Home

    Prefabricated homes have become increasingly popular over the last couple of decades. And, some people looking to buy a home often have a misconception of the term “prefab.” This type of housing is often misjudged as a generic form of housing.

    Prefab is actually a term that describes a home, or components of a home that was fabricated away from a prospective land site. The truth is, many high-end home developers actually use various components of prefabrication when building communities these days. If you are in the market for your family home, here are 4 good reasons to consider prefabrication.

    1. Prefabs are Energy Efficient

    If you are committed to an eco-friendly lifestyle, building green prefab homes offers many options to suit your life. Manufacturers have responded to consumers and offered various green options for persons considering prefabricated homes. A few of the green living options offered by today’s manufacturers are: 

    • Energy Efficient Appliances
    • Solar Panels
    • Rainwater Harvesting Systems
    • Recycled Materials
    • Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures
    • Triple Glazed Windows

    These are only a few of the eco-friendly options available to you. The most important factor in considering the eco-friendly qualities of prefabricated homes is that there is minimized construction waste, which reduces your home’s carbon footprint. 

    2. High-Quality Standards

    One of the biggest myths surrounding prefab homes is that they ‘lack quality. The truth is, prefabricated homes actually have higher quality standards. During the manufacturing process, the home is quality-checked at each stage of the building. 

    There is also a final inspection prior to your home being moved to your site. Once your home arrives and the setup is complete, a prefabricated home must pass the same code inspections as a home built on-site. This is another great reason to build a prefab home.

    3. Choose Your Own Options

    Once you have decided to purchase a prefabricated home you will meet with a design team. The design team works with you personally in choosing home options ranging from exterior paint to indoor plumbing. You will literally have an opportunity to design and customize your dream home alongside well-trained professionals. 

    You have the opportunity to bring those dreams to reality with a new customized prefabricated home. Below are just a few of the custom options available

    • Large kitchen islands 
    • Premium cabinetry with hardware
    • Ceramic tile bathroom shower
    • Interior molding
    • Fireplace
    • Vinyl plank flooring
    • Upgraded carpeting

    4. Prefabs are More Affordable

    Prefabricated homes typically cost tens of thousands less than site-built homes. Investors have been profiting from this for years as they develop communities. Typically the cost of the foundation and utility set-ups are about the same cost in site-built or prefabricated homes. The real price difference is the cost of the home itself. The prefabrication process has a refined efficiency. 

    The process alone saves on overall labor and material costs. The streamlined controlled environment also eliminates associated cleanup costs associated with site-built homes. This is a cost normally passed down to the buyer. 

    The money you save on a prefabricated home will allow you to own a brand new home and focus on fulfilling other goals, without breaking the bank. Finally, many lenders have created special financing terms specifically for prefabricated home buyers. 

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