What is a Modern Prefabricated Home and How is it Different from a Modular?

Modern Prefabricated Home

What exactly is a modern prefabricated home and how is it different from a modular built home? Prefabricated or prefab homes are made up of multiple structural units that have been pre-built in a factory setting. The units are then transported together onsite and assembled on your property to create a new home.

The key benefits to prefabricated elements of a house include cost savings, reduced labor, time saved on building the home from the ground up, and the ability to mass-produce popular prefab unit types. 

Best of all, prefab residences can be extremely unique. Many people are surprised when they find out a beautiful new home on their block has been built using prefabricated units, rather than being “stick-built.”

Difference Between a Modern Prefab Home and Modular

Designing and building a sustainable, unique home has never been easier. Why? Because of the wide array of modern prefabricated home types in the marketplace. 

However, you might be a little confused when you start to see the words “modular” and “prefab.” Are they referring to the same type of building? Read on to find out more about the differences and similarities between them.

What Is a Modular ?

Modular homes are manufactured. It is a type of prefab home. The units are created offsite in a huge manufacturing plant. Also, modules are equipped with everything needed before they leave the factory.. Next, Module sections are delivered and connected to one another.

What can a modular unit include? Think plumbing and electrical wiring, as well as chimney openings, closets, and recessed shelving. Modular homes can arrive complete with appliances if they are included with the price. You’ve probably seen a lot of modular units on the highway being transported on flatbed trucks.

As you might guess, homeowners like to speed up the time it takes to get their house from design to completion. For this reason, buyers often consider purchasing or custom building a modular home. Consider these steps when buying a modular home.

Both are Earth Friendly

Prefab homes and modular are a terrific investment for families and the earth. More manufacturers are building units that are Eco-friendly or green . For instance, units made from reclaimed or ethically sourced materials. Building with sustainable materials for an energy-efficient home is a must these days. Green homes leave little waste on the job site. Therefore, this gives another reason for the fast-growing popularity of Eco-friendly Prefabs.

Design a Home Right for You

If you’re not sure what type of home you want, but you know you’d like to design it yourself, look into the manufactured home market. If you are thinking of a piece of land in the hills of Tennessee, why not a modular log cabin? You’ll be amazed at the versatility of designs for modern modular home styles available today.

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