Top 6 Custom Lighting Made in America

Custom Lighting 

Custom lighting fixtures add ambiance to your house, making it cozier. American-made custom lighting can include Mason jars, industrial lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, and table lamps. These custom lighting fixtures come in various different designs and styles, such as rustic, vintage, and modern designs. 

Different factors, such as design and cost can influence our custom lighting choices. Whereas some fixtures can only illuminate a room, others cover a wide area. Therefore, the size of the room or area of the residence will determine the custom lighting you choose. Furthermore, there are many choices when it comes to custom lighting made in America.

Here are just a few custom lighting options with unique characteristics that will make your house cozier and more welcoming. If you make custom lighting consider opening your own drop-ship vendor store in the online marketplace right here at Home

1. Mason Jar Lamps

Mason jars are the most versatile fixtures to add light and improve your home’s interior and exterior decor. Their customized designs can fit different areas in your house; hence, you don’t have to look for different designs to light different rooms. 

You can put them on the floor at the periphery of your room, on the table, mount them on the wall or hang them on the ceiling. Besides, their simple but classic designs enable you to add them to any room in the house.

Designers have developed different mason jar lamps for the floor, table, desk, and wall. Explore some exciting Mason Jar lamps available in the marketplace today in the online store right here at Home Arrives. 

2. Glass Pendant Lights

Glass Pendant lighting is the real deal if you want to add a rustic touch to your house. Different fixtures hanging from the ceiling or wall enrich the glamor of the kitchen in any home. Common custom lighting fixtures used for pendant lighting include drum and glass pendants. Furthermore, you can choose your ideal design for the bathroom, bedroom, dining room, and porch area.

3. Table Lamps

In addition to their decorative touch, they illuminate a smaller intimate space and are ideal for living areas, an office, and bedrooms. Table lamps come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes to fit every room. Handmade original pottery table lamps made from terra cotta or ceramic glazed are sure to add charm to any room.

4. Industrial Bedside Lamps

Industrial bedside lamps provide classic custom lighting for your house or hospitality business. Different companies have designed and molded stylish fixtures from concrete, metal, recycled wood, and glass. These fixtures are energy-saving and are heavy-duty to last a long time. This of course contributes to environmental conservation.

5. Rustic Lighting

Rustic lighting is perfect for a farmhouse. It adds warmth to your living room, creating an inviting atmosphere for your visitors. Vintage bulbs hanging from a wooden beam, colored candles on a chandelier, and glass globes are a few examples of rustic lighting ideas for your home. You can use this custom lighting style for a log cabin. You know, that home-away-from-home mountain getaway.

6. Mason Jar Wall Sconces

Handmade mason jar wall sconces are very functional and stylish. And, they work very well in log cabins and farmhouses as well! This custom lighting style is economical since the materials used are durable and readily available. 

Custom lighting is essential for homes and business properties alike. Thanks to technology, buyers can meet our vendors of custom-made lighting right here in the online store at Home Do you create custom lighting and are looking for a store to offer your handmade products? At Home Arrives, our niche platform provides just that! Contact us for more information or register as a vendor and start your dropship store right now! 

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