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6 Simple Fitness Room Ideas for the Home

How Important is a Fitness Room for the Home?

Here are some helpful suggestions and tips for simple fitness room ideas for your home. And remember to always consult your physician before doing any strenuous exercise. Especially if you have not been very active for a few years.

Some of us “baby boomers” have or are realizing that time is passing us by. We need exercise and healthy eating habits as our bodies age. Therefore, exercise helps us keep toned and feel good about ourselves.

Home fitness rooms are a great help in losing a few unwanted pounds we have gained over the years. The room or space does not have to be large. It just needs to be designated or designed to accommodate some exercise equipment to focus on the task at hand.

Simple Fitness Room Ideas

  1. A sitting area in a large master bedroom can be used for a fitness room. 
  2. Wasted basement areas make a great space. And, there is enough space for more than one person to exercise at the same time.
  3. Inspirational wall art can help get you motivated to “get fit” and get that fitness room ready!
  4. Use television or a monitor on the wall for watching exercise videos. Get inspired and add some variety.
  5. Convert an empty bedroom or home office space that is no longer needed. You already have space if the children have moved out.
  6. Be sure to add floor pads to protect your joints. Also, pads will protect your floors underneath your exercise equipment.

Make Exercise a Daily Routine

Make exercise a regular part of your daily routine. You will wonder why you didn’t create a fitness room for the home much sooner! Especially when you start seeing and feeling the results. Not only will it give you some quality time with your husband or wife but you will love the new you! Your new exercise room will be the first room you’ll want to visit every morning.

Make sure you have a nice mat to reduce the stress on your joints. Start slowly by stretching to loosen up the muscles and get the blood flowing. Make your exercise room an enjoyable space. This will help you to be more committed to achieving your goals for a healthier lifestyle.

Get outside and go for a walk, a nice long bike ride, or go for a refreshing swim in a nearby lake or ocean. If you have a pool, make swimming a priority at least three times a week. Swimming is cardiovascular exercise. It’s fun and easy on the joints and gets your heart rate up. Cardiovascular exercise helps keep the weight down and your heart healthy!

Inexpensive Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment does not have to be expensive. For example, a simple jump rope, resistance tubes, spring collars, or small dumbbells can be purchased for a minimal cost. A small speed bag is great for both men and women to sharpen their hand-eye coordination. A Stability ball increases balance and strengthens your core and secondary muscles. And, the fitness stepper increases stamina while doing aerobics. As noted above, all of these are affordable. Most of all, they will strengthen muscles and help you look and feel better if used regularly.

Here’s to a happy and healthy life! For more information on how your company can partner or advertise, contact Home Arrives today at

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