6 Master Suite Bathroom Design and Decor Ideas

Master Suite Bathroom Ideas

Everyone wants a beautiful bathroom. The master suite bathroom design plans will give you many years of the perfect beautiful place to unwind.  However, everyone has a different idea of what is beautiful to them. So, it’s important to take into consideration what you like when designing the most intimate space in your home. It doesn’t matter what your budget is or how big or small your master suite bathroom space is, you can always find a way to make it your sanctuary.

1. Luxurious Master Bathrooms

A master suite is supposed to have a beautiful bathroom. And there can be nothing better or more beautiful than pampering yourself in your brand-new master bath. Consider these “must haves” in your luxurious bathroom. Oftentimes a luxurious bathroom is more elegant with simple, light colors and decor options like those below.

  • How about a walk-in shower with beautiful ceramic, quarry, or porcelain tile? 
  • A big raised soaking tub – with or without a spa treatment thrown in. A tub so deep it feels like you’re stepping into your own world when sinking yourself into the water. 
  • Sparkling clean, like white and ivory. And, make sure you have plenty of plush cotton bath towels on hand. Just roll or stack them in a basket to show them off. 
  • Everything about a luxury master bath should be big! Just like the big tub, the shower should be big, with a full rainfall shower head that pampers you with high pressure. 
  • And, the vanity countertop should be big, preferably with “his and “her” sinks. Then, simply add plenty of products available to you within arm’s reach. 
  • And, have plenty of wonderful-smelling soaps, lotions, and body sprays to indulge yourself.

2. Modern Bathroom Designs

They say “what’s old is new again.” This has never been truer than today when it comes to designing and decorating a beautiful master bathroom. Today, modern bathrooms use the black-and-white designs that were used decades ago. You know the ones where all that’s needed is a splash of color to bring out your personality. 

However, you can also incorporate modern bathroom ideas that are completely monochrome in any color you like (usually white). Use sharp lines and add a contrasting color that is could be chrome or some kind of metal like brushed aluminum or copper. When customizing your modular home, be sure to consider the look you want before your home arrives.

3. Country Bathroom Ideas 

What is the first thing you think of when picturing living out in the country? The white wainscoting that was on every wall of every house with the wallpaper above it, right? By using that white wainscoting in a small space, you can actually make it appear bigger. The same is true with using light-colored wallpaper. 

However, living in the country is all about cheerful summer days running through the tall grasses. So, maybe something bright would be more of your style! Beautiful rustic reclaimed wood makes for a gorgeous, antique cabinet. Opt for a trough-style sink and a clawfoot tub that will make your bathroom shout country!

4. Victorian Bathroom Decor

This type of bathroom fits very well in Victorian-style modular houses. And the tub will be the focus of the room. It should be a stand-alone tub, usually a claw-foot tub with ornate feet. Notice how high the back is and imagine a nice long soak after a hard day’s work. 

Furthermore, Victorian bath decor usually has a lot of large, ornate furniture, like cabinets, with or without glass. These hold towels and other linens. The curtains will be

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